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dewipeouts_trioPre-saturated Prep Wipe - The Final Step before Painting

Improves paint job quality

  • "Static Killer" formula dramatically reduces static charge and static-related dirt
  • Great for plastic parts and bumper covers
  • Removes residue and fibers left by tacking

Saves Time

  • Reduces buffing
  • Advanced technology fabric provides fast and consistent drying

Large, lint-free wipe


  • Use on two-component or waterborne primers
Order No. Application Description
803045 Most climates DeWipe-Outs 11" x 17" 85% IPA / 15% DI Water (contains 5.59 lbs VOC per gallon of solution)
803046 Warmer / dryer climates or heated spray booths DeWipe-Outs 11" x 17" 50% IPA / 50% DI Water (contains 3.28 lbs VOC per gallon of solution)
803048   DeWipe-Outs Storage Case
803418 VOC compliant California blend 11" x 17" acetone blend, California exempt, must be used with 803408 storage case
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