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DeKups® Accessories


Description Cleaning Bottle Order No. 192316
Model No. DPC-8

Cleaning Bottle for DeKups

Description Disp. Funnel Order No. 802109
Model No. DPC-22-K24

Funnel for DeKups disposable cup system

Description Filter and Plug Storage Case
Order No.
Model No. BXX-1279

DeKups filters and plugs storage box

Description Cleaning Brush Order No. 802212
Model No. DPC-44

Cleaning Brush for DeKups













U.S. PATENT NOS. 6,820,824 AND 7,374,111 OWNED BY 3M INNOVATIVE PROPERTIES CO. ADDITIONAL U.S. PATENTS:  NOS. 7,380,680; 7,354,074; 7,353,964; 7,350,418; 7,344,040; 7,263,893; 7,165,732; 7,086,549.