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SRi ProLite Micro Spray Gun

Proven Performance for SMART and MICRO Repairs

  • Combines the performance, fit and durability of a full-size spray gun with a lightweight design and pinpoint delivery system perfect for SMART and MICRO repairs
  • Complete minor repairs to full warranty standards while using minimum paint and achieving seamless color match and perfect blends
  • Constructed from forged aluminum, with high-grade,
    lightweight aluminum components
  • Features a light, super-smooth trigger action that offers
    airbrush-like control and superb feathering

The SRi ProLite Micro Includes:

  • 0.6 mm fluid tip
  • MC1 high efficiency & HV5 HVLP air caps
  • Starter set of 9-oz. disposable cups: 4 liners and lids; 1 reusable sleeve and lid with 2 plugs; 1 gun adapter;  1 300-micron barrel paint filter, 1 125-micron disk filter)
  • (3) 3 oz. disposable cups
  • Torx wrench, spanner wrench, measuring guide
  • 4 colored identification rings

Order No. 804262

SRi ProLite Micro Spray Gun

Air Caps

HV5 Air Cap (HVLP)

Primers, base coats, clearcoats, single stage, and low VOC

Inlet Pressure: 29 PSI Inlet

Air Flow: 4.8 CFM

Tips: 0.6mm

MC1 Air Cap (HE)

Base coats, clearcoats, primers, single stage, and low VOC

Inlet Pressure: 14.5 PSI Inlet

Air Flow: 1.8 CFM

Tips: 0.6mm


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