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DeVilbiss Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy


To download a copy of the current MAP Policy, please click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the MAP Policy apply to?

The MAP Policy applies to all distributors of DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing products.

What products are included in the MAP Policy?

The products included in the MAP Policy are listed in Section 7 ("MAP Products") of the MAP Policy document. Please click here to download the policy.

What is the MAP Policy?

The Minimum Advertised Price for any DeVilbiss product included in the MAP Policy shall be no less than 10% below the current Manufacturer's suggested User Price as published in the DeVilbiss price list. MAP pricing is established by DeVilbiss and may be adjusted by DeVilbiss at its sole discretion.

When does the MAP Policy go into effect?

The MAP Policy will be effective as of July 15, 2016.


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