A History of Innovation

Founded in 1888, Toledo, Ohio physician Dr. Allen DeVilbiss combined a bulb, some tubing, and the base of an oil can to create the first atomizer for health care. In 1907, Thomas DeVilbiss, an inventor in his own right, experimented with adapting the original atomizer to create a spray gun to meet the challenges of spray finishing. Mass production was beginning to evolve, and Thomas DeVilbiss' spray gun technology proved to be a revolutionary addition to the paint and lacquer coating applications on furniture and automotive finishing. Spraying the material reduced drying time to hours instead of weeks, and the spraying of paint replaced hand brushing, helping to increase productivity.

DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing

DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing, one of Carlisle Fluid Technologies brands, has maintained its commitment to innovative technology. Using the same type of tools used to develop Nascar combustion engines, combined with our state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery, we continue developing advanced spray gun technology for the automotive refinishing market. Our equipment provides excellent atomization of high-solid materials producing glass-like finishes. DeVilbiss equipment is optimized to eliminate mottling and striping with metallic basecoats and delivers an ideal color match.

To this day, DeVilbiss continues to set the standard for spray finishing through its research and development, innovative product line, and commitment to customer service. We provide sustainable and innovative solutions that will save you money by decreasing the amount of paint wasted and reducing time spent. Working faster means higher throughput, which in turn leads to higher revenues.

About Carlisle Fluid Technologies

Carlisle Fluid Technologies

Carlisle Fluid Technologies is a global company that manufactures equipment for the supply, application, and curing of sprayed materials, including paints, coatings, powders, mastics, and bonding materials. We are best known for our leading brands, Binks, DeVilbiss, MS, Ransburg, and BGK. Our brands are highly respected in their market sectors for quality in design and manufacture and the cutting-edge technology inherent in their product range.

Carlisle Fluid Technologies supplies equipment and accessories for all major manufacturing industry sectors. Markets include aerospace, automotive OEM, OEM Tier 1 and 2, automotive refinishing, wood, general industrial, glass, protective coatings, anywhere a coating or bonding material needs to be applied to a surface. As a combined group, Carlisle Fluid Technologies has over 375 years of collective Finishing Industry experience.

Carlisle Fluid Technologies is committed to the highest ethical standards and conducting business throughout all operations with the highest level of integrity. With a belief in sustainability, the organization's sustainability practices extend to the development and production of all engineered products and solutions.




We leverage COS across Carlisle Fluid Technologies to drive continuous improvement in our processes, engineering, quality, delivery and customer experience. Visit carlise.com for more info


Carlisle Fluid Technologies is committed to providing customers industry-leading, sustainable and energy efficient solutions for the supply, control, application and curing of a wide range of paints, powders, sealants, adhesives, foams and other application materials. Learn more about ESG at Carlisle here.

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