Provides a more intuitive, familiar method of mixing and spraying paint

SNAP N FLOW™ significantly reduces the number of components (and steps) needed to complete a job.

snap n flow product video


  • The unique chambered lid and venting tube design maximizes fluid flow to the spray gun. Lid sizing optimized and available in 15 and 32 ounce cup sizes to handle both small and large jobs. Lids with integrated filters are available in 125- or 200-micron sizes. 
  • The 15 and 32 ounce SNAP N FLOW™ are industry standard sized cups and both versions feature flat bottom designs for easy stirring. 
  • The easy-connect adapter securely attaches the SNAP N FLOW™ lid to the factory inlet of the gravity spray gun. Adapters are available to fit a majority of gravity guns from major gun manufactures. 
  • The sturdy flat lids are used when paints need to be mixed on the shaker. These flat lids are also used for long-term paint storage. 
  • A shaker adapter is used when cup system is placed on paint shaking equipment. 
  • Unique SNAP N FLOW™ plugs are used with the cone-shaped lids to allow the system to be stored upside down keeping the filter wet during paint storage.