PROLite Spray Guns

Automotive spray guns are a must for those who want a professional-looking finish on their vehicles. They’re the best way to ensure even and precise spraying for a smooth, consistent finish that will turn heads — for all the right reasons. 

DeVilbiss PROLite spray guns are specifically formulated for automotive refinish coatings that can be difficult to atomize, such as low VOC, high solids, pearls, or metallic materials. Both models share ergonomic design features and advanced air cap technology but cater to different application needs and preferences. 

PROLite Gravity Spray Guns

PROLite Gravity is a gravity spray gun that feeds paint from a cup mounted on top of the gun by gravity for enhanced paint application and efficiency. This produces a more even and consistent spray pattern with less splattering and dripping. A gravity spray gun is lighter and easier to maneuver, so the operator is less likely to grow fatigued — important when there’s a lot of area to cover! Because the paint reservoir is located above the nozzle, the gravity feed system helps prevent paint from clogging the gun. This makes PROLite Gravity an ideal choice for high-viscosity paints, and applications that demand precision painting and detail. 

PROLite Pressure Pot Guns

PROLite Pressure/Suction is designed for versatility with both pressure and suction feed, offering advanced application capabilities for a wider range of coatings. The pressure pot spray gun uses compressed air to force paint out of a pressurized tank, or pressure pot, and through the spray gun nozzle. The pressure pot connects to the spray gun with a hose. Compressed air can also be used to siphon paint from a reservoir below the spray gun body. A pressure pot spray gun delivers paint at a higher flow rate, which helps speed up the painting process, making it ideal for larger projects. The suction feed option is a good middle ground; it’s lighter and easier to handle than a pressure pot spray gun and offers a larger paint cup capacity than a gravity spray gun. 

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