TEKNA Family of Paint Spray Guns

The TEKNA gun line offers a full breadth of product including Clearcoat, Basecoat, Primer, ProLite, PRO & Copper guns. The gun line covers all your applications with high transfer efficiency, material savings, comfort and easy clean up.

Picture of Gun TEKNA Guns Order No. Gun Type Air Caps Materials
TEKNA Clearcoat Premium Gun 704198 Gravity Gun TE25 (HE-704200) & HV30 (HVLP-703540) Clearcoats
TEKNA Basecoat Gun 703892, 703893, 703894, 703895 Gravity Gun HV20 (HVLP-703899) Solvent and Water Basecoats
TEKNA Primer Gun 704174, 704175, 704182, 704245, 704246, 704247, 704240 or 704241 Gravity Gun PR10 (HE-704165) & PR30 (HVLP-704166) Primers including low VOC
TEKNA ProLite Premium Gun - EPA & SCAQMD Approved 703517, 703566 or 703567 Gravity Gun TE10 (HE), TE20 (HE), HV30 (HVLP) Solvent and Waterbase coatings
TEKNA PRO Premium Gun 703582, 703581 or 703580 Gravity Gun TE10 (HE), TE20 (HE), HV30 (HVLP) Solvent and Waterbase coatings
TEKNA Copper Gun 703661, 703662, 703675 or 703676 Gravity Gun #202 (HVLP), #909 (HVLP), #7E7 (HE) Waterbase basecoats, wolvent basecoats, high, medium or low solids clearcoats
TEKNA PROLite Gun 703624 or 703663 Pressure Gun TE40 (HE-703626), HV40 (HVLP-703261), TE20 (HE-703539) Low, medium or high solids
TEKNA 3-Gun Kit 704514 Gravity Gun DV1 Basecoat, TEKNA Primer & TEKNA Cleacoat Guns Primer, Basecoat & Clearcoat

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