DAGR® Airbrush

Performance and Versatility for the Automotive Artist

The DAGR Airbrush system provides Excellent control with a lightweight and balanced comfort. The airbrush spray gun sprays most materials from automotive paints to waterbase inks.

Picture of Gun TEKNA Guns Order No. Model No. Description Sales Literature Service Literature
DAGR Gravity Airbrush (.35mm) 802609 DGR-501G-35 Operating Pressure: 20-50psi, Max Inlet Pressure: 175psi Catalog Sheet Service Bulletin
DAGR Siphon Airbrush (.50mm) 803635 DGR-502S-50 Operating Pressure: 20-50psi, Max Inlet Pressure: 175psi Sell Sheet Service Bulletin
DAGR StudioGravity Kit - 2 Cups & Hose 803125 DGR-603 Inlcudes: DAGR Airbrush w/1/3 oz cup., 1/2 Fl. Oz. (14cc) Cup & Lid, 10ft. Braided nylon air hose Catalog Sheet Service Bulletin
DAGR Gravity Airbrush Cups & Lids 802631 DGR-117 1/4 fluid oz. (7cc) Catalog Sheet NONE
DAGR Gravity Airbrush Cups & Lids 802632 DGR-118 1/3 fluid oz. (9cc) Catalog Sheet NONE
DAGR Gravity Airbrush Cups & Lids 802633 DGR-119 1/2 fluid oz. (14cc) Catalog Sheet NONE
DAGR Gravity Airbrush Hoses 802769 DGR-123 10" Braided Nylon Hose Catalog Sheet NONE
DAGR Gravity Airbrush Hoses 802770 DGR-124 20" Braided Nylon Hose w/QD Catalog Sheet NONE
DAGR Gravity Airbrush Hoses 802771 DGR-125 10" Braided Nylon Hose Catalog Sheet NONE
DAGR Gravity Airbrush Hoses 802772 DGR-126 20" Braided Nylon Hose w/QD Catalog Sheet NONE
DAGR AirBlade Compressor 803286 DGR-518-1 Includes: Regulator, Water Trap Filter, Airbrush Holder Catalog Sheet Service Bulletin

Airbrush Gun

Custom paint jobs, graphics, and detailing all give a car that unique edge…one that will turn heads. But if applied incorrectly, you’ll be turning heads for the wrong reason! An airbrush gun will help you achieve results you can be proud of, whether cruising the interstate or simply parked in your driveway.

What is an Airbrush Gun?

An airbrush gun is a handheld tool used for spraying paint or other liquid substances onto surfaces with a high degree of control and precision. It operates on the principle of using compressed air to atomize and propel the paint or liquid through a narrow nozzle, creating a fine mist or spray. In the automotive industry, airbrush guns are used for tasks such as painting, detailing, and applying coatings.

Key components and features of an automotive spray gun include the following:

  • Trigger: Airbrush guns typically have a trigger mechanism that controls the flow of air and liquid. Pressing the trigger releases air, and pulling it back further releases the liquid. The further the trigger is pulled, the more paint or liquid is sprayed.
  • Nozzle and Needle: The nozzle is a small, precision-engineered opening at the front of the airbrush gun that determines the spray pattern's width. The needle, often paired with the nozzle, regulates the flow of liquid by moving back and forth within the nozzle. Adjusting the nozzle and needle allows for different spray patterns and line thicknesses.
  • Compressor: To operate an airbrush gun, you need a source of compressed air, usually provided by an air compressor. Compressors come in various sizes and types to accommodate different airbrushing needs.
  • Paint Cup: Many airbrush guns have a detachable paint cup or gravity-feed cup on top of the gun that holds the liquid paint or color. Some models have a siphon-feed system where a bottle or container of paint is attached to the airbrush gun.

Airbrush Gun Applications in the Automotive Industry

Airbrush guns are used in the automotive industry primarily for customizing and detailing vehicles. Common applications include:

  1. Custom Paint Jobs. An airbrush gun is often used to create custom paint jobs on cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. Artists or automotive painters can use airbrushes to apply intricate designs, graphics, and unique color schemes to give a vehicle a personalized and eye-catching appearance.
  2. Vehicle Graphics. Airbrushing is commonly employed to add graphics, logos, and text to vehicles. This may include decorative elements, branding for commercial vehicles, or racing stripes and flame designs for sports cars.
  3. Pinstriping. Airbrush guns are well-suited for pinstriping, a technique that involves painting thin, fine lines along the edges or contours of a vehicle. Pinstriping adds a distinctive and classic look to cars and motorcycles.
  4. Detailing and Touch-Ups. Automotive professionals use airbrushes for precise detailing and touch-ups to fix minor imperfections in the paint finish, such as scratches, chips, or faded areas.
  5. Airbrushed Murals. Some automotive enthusiasts and businesses commission airbrush artists to create detailed murals on the exteriors of vehicles. These murals can depict scenes, themes, or artwork that enhance the vehicle's aesthetics.
  6. Clear Coat Application. In the automotive painting process, an airbrush gun may be used to apply clear coats. Clear coats provide protection and a glossy finish to the underlying paint, enhancing its durability and appearance.
  7. Restorations. When restoring vintage or classic cars, airbrush guns can be used to recreate or touch up original paint schemes, logos, and designs to maintain historical accuracy.
  8. Airbrushed Accessories. Besides the vehicle's body, airbrushing can be applied to various automotive accessories and parts, such as helmets, engine components, and custom interior elements.

When using a car spray gun in the automotive industry, skilled professionals take into account factors such as the type of paint, the desired finish, the surface preparation required, and the specific design or effect they want to achieve. Proper ventilation, safety equipment, and protective measures are also essential when working with automotive paints and airbrushes. 

DAGR® Airbrush Gun

The DAGR Airbrush system was designed to provide performance and versatility for the automotive artist. It features excellent control with a lightweight and balanced comfort. The airbrush spray gun sprays most materials, from automotive paints to water based inks. You’ll achieve a level of precision and artistic flexibility for creating unique and visually striking automotive designs.