Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I buy service parts?

Check our web site for your local distributor listing.

Where do I call for Air Compressor and Spray Booth information?

For compressors please call ABAC Compressor Company, formally DeVair. From the U.S. dial 800-552-7954, from Canada dial 800-668-8558.

For Spray Booths, please call Global Technologies, formerly BlowTherm. From the U.S. dial 800-848-8738, from Canada dial 888-712-5777.

Where do I call for information on woodworking products and technical support?

Please call Industrial Finishing at 888-992-4657.

Gun pulsating, what should you do?

Torque your fluid tip to 15-20 foot lbs. and tighten the fluid needle packing.

How do you fix a Spray gun that has a top or bottom heavy pattern?

You can rotate the air cap 180 degrees and if the heavy pattern changes, you may have a dirty or damaged air cap and if it doesn't change then you may have a dirty or damaged fluid tip.

Can the DeVilbiss Bumper Prep Pad be used on primed bumpers?

The current bumper pad is aggressive enough to adequately abrade most primed bumpers. However, it is not rigid enough to level the primer layer (remove the uneven spots) on the bumper.

One can use the current bumper pad to clean and degrease a primed bumper. But it will not level the primed surface sufficiently and a sanding process will still be required.

How do you clean a spray gun?