Air Regulators

Air regulators are devices that control the pressure of compressed air to ensure the safe and efficient operation of equipment and tools. When applying paint using an HVLP spray gun, air regulators provide a consistent flow that automatically adjusts for any upstream pressure fluctuations in your air lines. 

A spray gun regulator mounts directly on the spray gun and offers precise control of air pressure — crucial for achieving an even spray pattern and high-quality finish.

How Air Regulators Work

Air regulators are essential components in many pneumatic systems. They are used in a wide range of applications, from industrial machinery to medical devices. While there are many different types of air regulators, they all work on the same basic principle:

  1. Compressed air enters the regulator. High-pressure air from an air compressor enters the regulator through an inlet port. This pressure can range from 80 psi to 150 psi or even higher, depending on the compressor’s capacity.
  2. The regulator reduces the air pressure. A diaphragm in the chamber separates the high-pressure inlet port from the low-pressure outlet port. A spring on top of the diaphragm creates a counteracting force against the incoming pressure. A screw mechanism connected to the spring is used to adjust the desired outpoint pressure; depending on the setpoint, a valve will open to increase air pressure and close to restrict airflow. 
  3. The regulated air exits the regulator at the setpoint pressure. Any increase in the outlet pressure beyond the setpoint causes some of the air to flow back into the inlet chamber, pushing the diaphragm back down and partially closing the valve to restrict additional airflow. This ensures the outlet pressure stays within the desired range. This air can then be used to power tools, machinery, or other pneumatic devices.


Without the precision control air regulators offer, you would have no way to control the pressure or intensity of the airflow coming from your compressor. The spray gun regulator helps ensure a high quality paint finish on your vehicle.

Benefits of a DeVilbiss Spray Gun Regulator

There are many different types of air regulators available, each with its pros and cons. A spray gun regulator from DeVilbiss is designed specifically for the demanding task of automotive refinishing. DeVilbiss air regulators don’t just control pressure; they boast features that will help even novices achieve high-quality paint finishes. 


The following features set DeVilbiss air regulators apart from others:

  • Durability. DeVilbiss air regulators are built to withstand the harsh environment of a paint booth. Heavy-duty materials like brass and stainless steel are designed to handle the wear and tear of frequent use and exposure to paint.
  • Precision Control. A DeVilbiss spray gun regulator offers accurate and consistent air pressure control, essential for achieving even paint application and optimal atomization. This ensures smoother finishes, reduced overspray, and less material waste.
  • Filtration. Most DeVilbiss air regulators include built-in air filters that remove contaminants like moisture, dust, and oil from the air supply, preventing imperfections in the paint finish. This helps ensure professional-looking results.
  • Ease of Use. Each DeVilbiss spray gun regulator is ergonomically designed to be user-friendly, even when wearing gloves. Large, clear gauges and easy-to-adjust knobs make it easy for anyone, even beginners, to control the pressure for a flawless finish. 


Devilbiss offers a variety of air regulators to suit different needs. Click on the link below for more information.