CamAir® DAD-PRO™ Desiccant Drying System

The CamAir® DAD-PRO™ Desiccant Air Drying System provides worry free air filtration for top-quality paint jobs. Air enters the 2-stage filtration package where it is purged of water, oil and oil aerosols. Once cleaned, the air enters the desiccant tank to further remove any remaining water vapor.

  • First stage filter removes oil, water and dirt down to 5 microns
  • Second stage coalescer removes oil vapors and dirt particles down to .01 microns
  • Desiccant tank removes water vapor and humidity down to a dew point of 40° F
  • Bagged desiccant for ease of maintenance


  CamAir® DAD-PRO™ Desiccant Air Drying System
  Replacement desiccant cartridge
  Replacement oil coalescer element
  50 scfm 2-stage filter assembly with regulator
  Replacement water separator element 
  Filter mounting bracket
  Float drain kit

DAD-PRO™ Desiccant Air Drying System

Air Inlet: 1/2" NPT (Female)

Air Outlet: 1/4" NPT (Male)

Air Flow Capacity: 30 CFM

Max. Operating Pressure: 175 PSI (12 Bar)

Max. Temperature: 150˚F (65.6˚C)

Humidity Indicator: Green- OK, Yellow- Replace Desiccant

Water Vapor Removal: -40˚F Dew point

Partical Removal: .01 micron

Manual Drain: Included

DAD-PRO™ Parts & Accessories


Ref. No  Order No. Description Parts Req.
 1  130505  Humidity Indicator (1 paper included)
 2  130510  Gasket
 3  130504  Desiccant cartridge (not shown)
 4  CT-101 Tank grommet (not shown)