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The DeVilbiss FLG is a low cost, general purpose spray gun solution for use with a wide range of refinish paints and coatings. It’s suitable for most routine spray jobs in the refinish workshop, as well as handling DIY enthusiasts’ projects. This versatile gun is available in gravity and suction feed spray setups for batch applications, as well as a pressure feed option for larger project areas requiring fast coverage without the added downtime of re-filling small cups.


  • Full control of pattern shape, fluid flow rate and air inlet pressure for consistent application
  • Ergonomic gun handle shape for balance, grip and comfort
  • Smooth action trigger with exceptionally light pull for reduced fatigue during long operation
  • Efficient atomization technology for reduced material usage
  • Flexible setup options of gravity, suction or pressure feed to meet your needs
  Air Cap Needle/Nozzle Cup Type
  693 1.3, 1.4, 1.8 900 CC, ALUMINUM CUP
  693 1.8, 2.0 900 CC, ALUMINUM CUP


FLG Gravity
Weight (gun only) 465g
Gun Body Aluminum
Air Cap Plated Brass
Air Cap Retaining Ring & Knobs Clear Anodized Aluminum
Fluid Nozzle Stainless Steel
Fluid Needle Stainless Steel
Air Inlet Thread 1/4" Universal

Air Cap Offerings

  Recommended Inlet Pressure Max Air Consumption Fan Pattern Size
Air Cap Atomization Type Applications PSI BAR SCFM SLDM in mm Nozzle Sizes
FLG 693 HVLP All Purpose 26 1.75 12.0 340 11.0-12.0 285-300 1.3-2.0mm
FLG 5 High Efficiency All Purpose 35 2.4 9.9 380 11.0-12.0 285-300 1.3-2.0mm