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The Next Generation Spray Gun

The DV1 is optimized to spray the most challenging basecoats on the market today.


  • A new gun body featuring a reduced profile and a smoother, streamlined design
  • An improved air and fluid management architecture that produces a perfectly balanced and consistent spray pattern 
  • The DV1-B PLUS HLVP air cap that delivers high efficiency performance at HVLP pressures
  • An integrated digital gauge 
  • fluid tip design enabling painters to tackle a broad range of coating types and flow rates in all climatic conditions


  • DV1 Basecoat Spray Gun
  • DV1-B PLUS (HVLP) Air Cap
  • Multiple Fluid Tips
  • Integrated Digital Gauge
  • Disposable Cup Adapter (DPC-43)
  • Tool Kit: Valve Tool, Torx Driver, Tip Wrench
Order No. Air Cap Needle/Nozzle Cup Type
704504 DV1-B PLUS 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 Uncupped, includes adapter


DV1 Air Caps


Solvent and Waterborne Basecoats

DGi Pod Gauge Pressure: 22 PSI, 1.5 BAR 

Air Flow: 10.5 SCFM, 300 LPM

Order No: 704408


DV1-B HVLP Air Cap

Solvent and Waterborne Basecoats

Inlet Pressure: 15 PSI, 1.0 BAR 

Air Flow: 14.1 SCFM, 400 LPM

Order No: 704407

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